Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stay away from the brown anti-acid

My wife and myself headed up to LookStock '09 at Look Park Tuesday. It was a celebration of the 40th anniversary of the original festival. It boasted 5 1/2 hours of music to try and match the original line up. Click HERE for the set list.

We arrived at roughly 3:30pm. The line was already streched out pretty far. The crowd was an interesting mix of young and old, hippy and yuppie. It turned out to be an incredible day. It was a little warm in the sun, but once the shade rolled over it was extremely comfortable.
They were doing bag checks to keep you from bringing in anything you could buy. Someone tried to sneak in some Butternuts beer. It's cans look alot like a harmless can of soda pop.

The grand entrance to the Pines

One of the MC's for the day. I believe he was from the River radio station. He was a funny guy talking in the language of the burnout.
Primate Fiasco entertaining the crowd
Slowly filling in.

One of the originals?

The arts are for any age!

What would LookStock be without a protest or two.

I grabbed a couple quick videos of the performers. Hope you like these short shots.

We had a great time enjoying the music and eating some local food. The weather cooperated and the music was great. A very well put together show that had people of all ages saying "Peace".


  1. good job getting video...wish I had!

    I'm going to link you over to Tommy Devine's comments section, he's looking for video to post...

  2. Thanks Tony! Glad you like it. I appreciate the link. I wanted to link your post in mine, but still new to Blogger and wasn't sure if it's ok without asking.

  3. Alright, for more far out goodness check out In the valleys post "I was there, Man."