Sunday, February 8, 2009

Winter walks and letterbox

My wife and myself decided to head out for a little snowshoeing today. We headed up to Mt. Tom State Park and hit the trails. As we arrived a large snowshoeing group was on it's way out. Possibly 20+ people. It was a nice warm sunny day. It must have hit the mid 40's with a good breeze. It was very comfortable.

I was suprised just how deep the snow was. You can see this stone bench is up to the seat with snow. The warmer weather made the it very soft, but it was great snow for shoeing.

We grabbed a map from the parking lot area and ventured out. We started on the access trail and walked until we hit a cross roads. After breifly going over the map we decided to hit the Kay Bee Trail

The hill was fairly steep, but that's what I was after. We made our way up stopping occasionaly to check out the sights and enjoy the peace and quiet. At the top of the Kay Bee trail we found a little snowman someone had made. My wife did her best Godzilla pose above it.

No snowmen were harmed in this photo shoot!

We made it to the top and took a few minutes to relax. It really was a beautiful day to be out!

The Kay Bee trail eventually met up with the Bee Line trail. We headed across and met up with the Keystone trail and started down the mountain. As we were almost done I had remembered some letterboxes I had found in the past. I did a little searching and was able to find them once more. My wife hadn't seen them before so I wanted to show her. For those not familiar with letterboxing check out this site! Letterboxing is when someone takes a waterproof container and puts a stamp and a guest book to sign. The stamp is usually a one of a kind, hand carved stamp. The person then hides the box somewhere outdoors. Maybe in a hollowed out stump. Maybe under a rock. They then post clues on how to find the box. When you find it you put the stamp in a book along with others you have found and sign the person guestbook. When you are done you put the box back in it's hiding place for the next letterboxer to find it. It really is a great hobby and a great reason to get outside.

Heres a few pics of the letterboxes

And the second one

What a great day to be outdoors!


  1. I was out Sunday too, in the downtown, climbing un-shoveled sidewalks, slipping on ice. Do they make urban shoe shoes?

    Happy to see people enjoying the mountain this time of year. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks VanDog. Yeah the streets can be rough this time of the year lol. We had fun. I'm going to try to find a few more letterboxes next time. With the weather this week we will see how much snow is left for the weekend.

  3. That's so great that you're letterboxing in the winter. We stopped once the snow fell, but seeing this post makes me feel encouraged to go out in the winter too! Thanks.

  4. Thanks Hilltown, glad you liked it! The boxes can be abit harder to find under the snow but it's a great reason to get out. Good luck letterboxing!