Saturday, June 22, 2013

A lot of catching up to do

Now that I have a smartphone and the blogger app I can keep better record of Natalies adventures! Saturday mornings I like to take Natalie to Stanley Park. It gives mom a chance for some quiet time and Natalie has a blast there! She was up a 5:45 am this morning ready to greet  the day. We had breakfast with mom and off we went.
We headed right for the playground, and to my suprise not a soul there! She had it all to herself. We went on the slides, swings and climbed up and down the playscape.
Next stop was the garden area. We walked around, I checked out the plants and trees while Natalie explored. She picks up rocks and finds bugs. She loves playing in the gazebos. After a quick diaper change it was off to see the ducks. We walked around the boardwalk and a little girl and her grandmother gave Natalie some bread to feed the fish and ducks. She was so happy. There were ducks, swans, frogs and fish. Natalies vocabulary is getting really broad. She was saying "ducks, frogs, fish, bread, dog, bird" and pointing out everything she was saying. She is stringing words together now into full sentences.
It was a really nice morning. Tempatures in the 70's. She had a blast and was starting to get tired. I decided to head out and she is now past out in the back seat of the truck.
Well this is the first of many I hope to blog. It is great to have record of her as she grows and learns!

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